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We focus on bringing value and solve business challenges through the delivery of modern Light Current Systems and solutions

Electronic System Technology EST
enjoys from its first start in 2002 the leading role in the field of communications in Egypt.Relying on its deep-rooted experience depending on crew of the highest qualifications, abilities of engineers and technicians, which helped to gain the confidence of its clients. Specialized for the hotels, resorts, tourist villages hospitals, towers, petroleum companies and governmental projects.
  • EST specializing in the fields :
    Master Antenna Networks & Satellite Channels reception MATV.
  • Closed-Circuit Television systems CCTV.
  • Public address, Audio conference rooms ,Processing  and Interpretation PA.
  • Intercom Systems IC.
  • Telephone Systems PABX

Quality is about the service we provide and satisfactions come through, a high caliper service engineers along with well-trained product’s managers is our key of success.

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